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Bridesmaid styling has come a long way. Gone are the old days of every girl wearing the same frock. In 2021 & beyond, brides are mixing it up with mismatched bridesmaid dresses, creating truly unique ensembles featuring gorgeous gowns with different styles, fabrics, hemlines, and colours. The trend allows you to highlight each individual woman and ensure she’s wearing a dress that makes her feel great.

Bridesmaid Dresses in 2021 mismatched jenny yoo

Long gone are the sad days when the invitation to be your best mate’s bridesmaid came with that sense of impending doom. An overwhelming fear of the non-flattering monstrosity you’ll be expected to wear. The modern day bridesmaid, has so many more choices and will no longer have to glug a few pre-ceremony proseccos just to brave the walk down the aisle. So, what exactly is the chicest way to do bridesmaid dresses in 2021, we hear you ask? Read on, for having dressed thousands of beautiful bridesmaids, we think we have the answer.


Your bridesmaids are (on average) adults. Grown-ups who have been allowed to pick their own clothes each day themselves, with very little help or instruction. They’ve even formed their own sense of style and identity! So why in 2021 do you think your bridesmaids will be happy about wearing a dress that matches 5 other girls? A dress that they didn’t choose either. The solution? Mix and match those gowns! This way your bestest girls can pick and choose the best silhouette and colour for them. Not only will they actually be excited to wear their dress on the big day, but they’ll bloody love you that little bit more too! Best bride ever!

mix and match bridesmaids jenny yoo
Dresses by Jenny Yoo


The title of this post may be the chicest ways to do Bridesmaid Dresses in 2021, and the jumpsuit technically isn’t a dress… but when it comes to fashion, who cares about semantics! Jumpsuits are chic, flattering and look totally rock star. They may be a faff when visiting the loo, but those 50 odd seconds of sitting in a cubicle in nothing but your underwear (or less) is totally worth it, when you can flounce outta there looking like Stevie Nicks (Google it kids)! Whether you want to maintain a traditional wedding vibe or go a bit more out of the box, there’s a bridesmaid jumpsuit that fits your overall wedding style and works well for your entire crew, or just one or two.


There is nothing more satisfying than a group of bridesmaid dresses in tonal hues of the same colour, it’s like the sweetest sounding harmony. Be it a blend of pinks with tones of dusky, pale and antique. Or blues in a wave of pastels. Tonal bridesmaid dresses are so 2021, and we’re all for it.


If you see your bridesmaid turning up to a summer party wearing the dress she wore on your big day, how happy are you going to be! She loved that dress, and she’s wearing it again, by choice. Besides that warm gooey feeling you’re having inside, a dress worn again, is a dress not thrown away. So it is sustainable. Your girls don’t have to run out to the shops every time there’s a party, they’ve got their bridesmaid dress! That’s why we always suggest paying that little bit more for quality, it’ll last. Also, if possible, look for a gown that can be transformed with a snip and a stitch – that way you’ve could have a whole new dress for summer with a few hemline alterations.

Bridesmaid Dresses in 2021 hayley paige
Nairobi by Hayley Paige

Kick off your 2021 in the best possible way, with a bridesmaids dresses appointment for your girls! We may not be open IRL (16/01/21), but virtually we are here for you! So book your appointment online and message us with any questions or if you would like to have samples sent to your house/s – please just ask!

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