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7 Tips for a Hot Summer Wedding

Having sunburned, sweaty, hot-and-bothered wedding guests is never fun. Use these great ways to make your wedding heatwave-friendly.

Nothing makes us Brits happier than a (short-term) heatwave. It takes just one forecast of a marginally sunny day for the entire country to dust off their grills, fill up the paddling pools, and relax in a local beer garden. But what if your wedding coincides with a nationwide heat wave? Will you and your guests be able to handle a hot summer wedding?

Many couples worry about whether it will rain on their wedding day, but scorching heat can be just as troubling. A bright prediction on your wedding day is a win, but if the temperature keeps on climbing, all-day activities can become a little complicated.

We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t plan a wedding during a heat wave… There are several benefits to having your wedding in the summer, but there are also some things to consider. Because expecting your visitors to sit and party all day in direct sunshine will not go well. Sunstroke, sunburn, and general sun-related weariness are all major issues.

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Tips on How to Plan a Hot Summer Wedding

Stop your wedding from being a literal scorcher, and allow your guests to enjoy and embrace the summer sun safely with these expert tips.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Aplenty

Instead of handing out glasses of champagne as your guests arrive, place pretty pitchers of fruit-infused ice water at the entrance to your summer wedding. Because some fruits, such as watermelon and mango, can actually help lower body warmth.

Avoid the Hottest Part of the Day

You should try to avoid having people outside during the warmest time of your summer wedding. 3 p.m is usually the peak of the heat, depending on where you’re tying the knot. But mid-afternoon in general is typically the hottest part of the day wherever you are.

If you’re having your ceremony outside, delay it until late afternoon or early evening to prevent guests from sweating in their gorgeous summer attire. While the wedding is all about the celebration (and especially the couple), you don’t want your guests to be unhappy in the heat.

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Stay Away from Liquid Makeup

Choose powder-based cosmetics and avoid endless trips to the toilet to repair foundation and lipstick that’ll most likely be pouring down your face. Even better, employ an expert to apply airbrush makeup on your face, which is sweat, water, and tear-proof.

Keep Your Menu Summer Relevant

Rich, heavy foods do not adapt themselves well to the summer months, and on a hot day, they are the last thing your guests will want to eat. Instead, consider light, fresh foods like salads and fruit, or a BBQ theme with colourful skewers and grilled specialities. Grazing platters are another excellent choice, as they’ll allow guests to decide just how much they want to put on their plate!

Consult your venue or wedding caterers for suggestions; remember, they’ve done this before and should have plenty of possibilities for your big day.

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Keep Your Hair Up or Back

During a summer wedding, a hair tie is a girl’s best friend. Have hair ties handy for ladies who wish to go with a fast and temporary up-do for outside times, whether it’s for the ceremony or cocktail hour.

If you really want to take photos with your hair down, wear a more heat-friendly style for the ceremony and then let your hair down (literally) in the evening when the temperature drops.

Plan Summer Wedding Appropriate Outfits

Most wedding dresses are not particularly sun-friendly, but there are some fabrics and styles that are better suited to hotter climes. Obviously, long-sleeved wedding gowns with thick, saturated materials are out. They will only make you sweat. Instead, choose breathable materials and designs, such as sleeveless or halter-neck styles, which’ll allow air to circulate around the underarms and neck.

Bridesmaids also need summer looks that’ll keep them comfortable on your big day. Selecting a light and airy fabric is the simplest method to keep your gang feeling cool during your summer wedding. Like chiffon, this warm weather friendly fabric will dance on the warm breeze so elegantly. While not feeling clingy when standing around in the sun.

Be sure to let your bridal or bridesmaids stylist know exactly when your wedding is because then they’ll be able to suggest season appropriate styles.

Provide Sun Cream

Most people will bring their own, but there will always be those who forget, or think that English sun isn’t as dangerous as the sun abroad. Keep care of all your guests, and make sure to have enough sun cream available for those who need it.

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