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6 Things Bridesmaids Don’t Like About Hen-do’s

Before you type another word or aubergine emoji in that WhatsApp group, find out what is possibly annoying your wedding crew.

It’s hard to please everyone. And when planning a wedding, it’s nigh on impossible. No wonder so many couples elope these days! The guest list, the location, the food, the child-free policy etc etc. There will be things that you want on your big day that’ll really rub your loved ones up the wrong way. And one of them will probably be the hen party.

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Whoever is planning the hen party needs to know that they should be prepared for some scrutiny. And that’s not to say that the typical gripes hen’s have, are not wholly justified, ’cause they are. It’s not their fault if they can’t afford a 5* long weekend in Ibiza. Or just don’t like sleazy strip clubs, or getting drunk ’till 5 in the morning.

Whether you’re the one planning the hen party, or you’re the person the hen is being planned for. We thought we’d share a few things that hen’s often have a problem with, and how you can change parts to make the group happier. With every hen party issue, we have a pain-free fix that’ll ensure your up-coming hen party celebrations are memorable for all the right reasons.

6 Things Bridesmaids Don’t Like About Hen-do’s

Spending Money

This one is a big one. There comes a point in our lives when everyone seems to be getting married. And each weekend is either occupied with a wedding or a hen party. The cost of these constant celebrations can really add up. Not to mention the fact that each marrying individual wants to outdo the last. Meaning each hen party, and wedding gradually gets more and more expensive.

Your loved ones may also not be in the same financial situation as you, and actually, that weekend away with the girls is causing quite a bit of stress for them.

Your hen’s and bridesmaids are the best people in your life. The ones you love the most. So don’t force them into debt, or suggest things they feel obliged to agree to. Sit down with all members, as a group, or individually, and find out how much each of them can honestly spend. If you feel that people won’t be able to be honest, then maybe create an anonymous few questions for them to fill in, in private.

The Tough Schedule

We’ve all got busy lives these days, especially for those with kids. And so, it can cause a fair amount of stress if you’re being told to do extra tasks on top of your already busy schedule. The same goes for wedding planning too.

Try to put yourself in everyone else’s shoes, and consider how much structure you’d like/need as a hen party guest. Keeping in mind that these people have paid to be here. Schedule in the main activities and hen party games, leaving spare time for the group to entertain themselves, or chill.

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That WhatsApp Group Hell

Need we say more? We’ve all experienced some kind of crazy WhatsApp group where the comments and opinions are flying in from this way and that. One person’s not replying to stuff that needs to be booked. And someone’s always asking the questions that have already been answered further down the feed… But, it’s fun, right?! Keeps your other half amused at least.

If you are finding the group chat a bit of an issue, why not create a separate group for the less fun stuff. The logistics, money gathering and proper planning. And leave the other one for fun stuff, and getting to know each other banter.

The One’s Who Say They’ll Pay

Obviously, we’ve already said that hen parties can be expensive, possibly leading to financial stress for some people. But, if that’s not the case for your group, and you’ve all agreed on a thing you’re going to pay for. It can be so frustrating when one or two members don’t meet the payment deadline. If you’ve been that person, just have a think about the person who’s needed to put the whole cost of the hen do on their credit card. And is now sweating bullets because their charges are going up and up. Not nice.

If you are the type to miss a deadline at work, or in your personal life. Try to change things before the hen party, and stop from upsetting your group of friends. Create payment reminders, be open if money is an issue, and find a way to stop being in debt to your friends.

If you’re the one footing the bill for the hen party, try not to. Plan ahead of time, and get the money from everyone before you book. Putting large amounts on credit is a risky business. Therefore, if it can be avoided, find a way.

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The Booze

It’s 2022, and these days, not everyone likes a drink. Many gave up during the pandemic, while others are just choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. And all power to them. However, unless your hen party is made up of yoga masters, Zen gurus and Ella Woodward – it’s unlikely that all of you are going to bemoan the demon drink. But on a hen party, when is too much?

There can certainly be a pressure to get drunk when on a hen party (or stag), with most activities usually involving or centring around alcohol. If you honestly feel that’s what the group wants, and not what you think they need, then plan your boozy brunch and Soho bar crawl. But if you feel certain members are not so keen on getting wasted, don’t push. Let everyone enjoy themselves at their own pace. Do that, and you’ll find the group is more harmonious, and less likely to leave before you’ve even made your drunken speech.

Sex, Sex & Penis Straws

Not everyone thinks a penis straw is funny. Nor penis balloons, or penis confetti or bloody great dildos. No, cartoonish symbols of sex are not for everyone. So, read the room. You’ll be the one embarrassed if you turn up to the party, laden down with novelty L-plates, naughty games and an assortment of phallic accessories. Only to be greeted by a bemused set of faces looking back at you, wondering why you thought all of this tack was appropriate.

However, the gang could love all that! Especially the bride. And if they’ve hinted at you that they’re up for all those sorts of shenanigans, then go for it. Go full phallic. But if not, don’t force anything in their faces, literally. Be empathetic and plan a hen party that suits the whole crowd.

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10 Cool Hen Party Ideas in London

London has everything you need for a brilliant hen party, it’s just knowing where to start that’s the problem!

As lockdown begins to ease here in London, many brides are starting to look forward to their wedding day after having to put it on hold for so long. However, due to ever-changing travel restrictions, it’s likely that your plans of a hen party in Ibiza may have been scrapped. Which is why we’ve rounded up our favourite hen party ideas in London. From relaxing spa days and dance classes, to boozy bottomless brunches and sporty stuff, here’s everything you can realistically consider doing to celebrate post-lockdown with your bridesmaids.

What to Do For a Hen Party in London

As much as we’d all love to simply book a table at a good cocktail bar and never leave, a memorable hen party in London involves some fun activities. There’s the traditional life drawing and dance class, but we’ve found you some hen party ideas that are a little bit different.

Ballie Ballerson

From a giant UV ball pit through to mega bottomless brunches, if you’ve not been to Ballie Ballerson, what have you been doing on your hen do? Head over to their incredible Shoreditch venue for retro sweetie cocktails and tasty pizzas.


Karaoke at Lucky Voice or EPOC

A hen party favourite, and for good reason, who doesn’t love a bit of karaoke? Lucky Voice has outposts in Holborn, Soho and Islington, with a free round of shots when you book a hen party, while Karaoke EPOC is a quirky alternative to chain bars and has been called one of Soho’s best kept secrets. Keep your eyes peeled for reopening dates. 


A Champagne Visit to the London Eye

Climb into one of the capsules on the London Eye with a glass of Champagne, wine tasting or a chocolate experience to complement the views from £41pp. Or – if you really want to go wild and get some great pics – book a private capsule for up to 25 guests, with prices starting at £625 for a 30-minute rotation.

The Greatest Brunch

Take your bride to an exhibition of biological rarities, also known as The Greatest Brunch this November. Expect live performances from West End singers, dancers and cabaret acts, immersive characters and an epic feast complete with bottomless booze.


Take a Chocolate Masterclass

A must for chocoholics. MyChocolate run a domestic goddess chocolate-making hen party where you’ll be tasked with whipping up your own truffles and going wild with your decorations. You get to take home a big goody bag too. Did we mention calories don’t count on a hen do? It’s £40pp for two hours of chocolate deliciousness.


Make Yourself Some New Jewellery

Music, nibbles, bubbles and the chance to make some jewellery with the experts at Tatty Devine at their Brick Lane store – we can’t think of a better hen for a crafty bride. If you’re a magpie for anything shiny, you’ll get the chance to make either a necklace or bracelet in the two-hour session. Packages start at £50 each for 8-10 guests.


A Classic Spa Day

Indulge in some pre-wedding pampering with a hen party spa day in London. Providing all goes well, London spas should be opening soon, so you can relax with your fellow hens, and treat the bride-to-be to a luxurious beauty treatment or massage ahead of her wedding. Head to spabreaks.com to see an amazing selection of the best hen spa days and breaks.

Captain a Hot Tub or BBQ Boat

After a really unique hen party experience in London? You can hire a hot tub boat to sail down a London canal! It’s ideal for autumn and winter as the water’s set to a toasty 38 degrees. If a long soak isn’t your thing, you can also hire BBQ boats where you’ll be able to sail along in a circular boat with a real, live grill in the middle. And it starts from only £15pp.


Head to Magic Mike Live!

Not to everyone’s taste but if your hen has a naughty streak and can’t do without a willy straw in hand, there’s nothing better than Magic Mike. This live version of the Channing Tatum film is sexy, raunchy and a damn good time. Pretend you’re there to admire their acrobatic skills if you must, but get yourself a ticket.


Junkyard Golf Club

Who doesn’t love a bit of crazy golf? Unleash your competitive side at Junkyard Golf Club, with four separate nine-hole crazy golf courses utilising everything from old bathtubs to fairground rides. There are several group packages to choose from, so you can take your pick of the courses, cocktails and food you all want during your visit. Head to junkyardgolfclub.co.uk to plan your visit.

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