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Virtual Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas That They’ll Love

Be inspired by these 9 fun virtual ways to ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now that you’ve said “yes” to your perfect partner, it’s time for one more important proposal… But during Lockdown 2.0 and with social distancing enforced, we need to think outside the box when it comes to our special girls. So how about a virtual bridesmaid proposal? These days bridesmaid proposals are almost a must and with good reason. They are a great way of showing your best girls the VIP status they hold in your life and, hopefully, on your big day. So tell them how much their relationship means to you, share some memories, and explain why they are so deserving of a spot in your wedding squad.

Virtual Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Need some creative help planning a virtual bridesmaid proposal? Proposals don’t need to be fancy, but if you can afford to, set aside a small portion of your budget for them. Your friends are giving their time and effort to help you out before and during your big day, so give them something back right from the start with a thoughtful and memorable virtual bridesmaid proposal. Don’t fret if budgets are tight: proposals can fit all kinds of budgets. If you have a smaller entourage, sending tokens is a good, budget-friendly option. From personalized robes to custom-label bottles of vino, there are many potential gifts that won’t break the bank.

This is an exciting experience to share with your friends, so don’t forget to have fun and don’t let a little thing like a pandemic get in your way! If you’ve always wanted to get your crew together for game night or a mani-pedi date, now is definitely the time to do it, albeit virtually. You do want your bridesmaids to be both comfortable and interested in whatever creative proposal you concoct, so remember to take their interests and schedule into account. Book them weeks in advance! If you make them feel special and throw them a virtual bridesmaid proposal to remember, they’re sure to say “Yes!” to you.

Here are our favourite ways to virtually ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding gang.

Throw a Virtual Wine Night

One of our favourite festive bridesmaid proposal ideas is to virtually gather your group for a wine tasting or drinks night at home. Do your research, pick a range of bottles that suit everyone’s budget (or splash out and send them their wine!) and then once everyone has tasted them all, make your announcement! All the wine will certainly help build the excitement!

Send a Scratch-Off Card

For a fun surprise, create a custom scratch card with a portion that scratches off. Include a penny in the envelope for the scratching and tell them to FaceTime you when they open the card. Under the scratch-off part of the card, your bridesmaids will find a message asking them, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” As for you, well, you win the jackpot!

Pack a Gift Box

If quirky or non-traditional gestures aren’t your thing, a simple gift box filled with wedding-related items is a safe and thoughtful bet. Fill the box with a mini bottle of bubbly, nail polish, sheet masks, and other sweet treats along with a handwritten note from you.

Sign Up for a Virtual Floral Workshop

Weddings and flowers go hand-in-hand, so consider proposing to your bridal party over some blooms. Invite your crew to a virtual floral workshop by a local shop and arrange their favourite flowers. Before the day, send a note to each person asking them to be in your wedding party – but with specific instructions to not open until your workshop.

Share the Insta-Love

We announce birthday cheers and holiday greetings via social media, so what better way to acknowledge your friendship than a virtual bridesmaid proposal on Instagram? Set up a moment you can share online as you pop the question. Making a live video of the proposal not only creates excitement for your wedding but also allows guests to follow along your wedding journey. Plus, friends and family can react to the news by responding with comments, memes, and emojis.

Say It With a T-Shirt

We’re suckers for funny t-shirts, so get creative making a witty design for your wedding party to rock throughout the planning process. Peruse customizable websites like Etsy, where you can comb through shirts with catchy phrases & give each wedding party member a tee as you pop the question via Zoom.

Throw a Virtual Themed Movie Night

Gather your crew online for a night of popcorn and your favourite wedding-themed film of choice via Netflix Party. Opt for classics like 27 DressesBridesmaids, or My Best Friend’s Wedding. (You can even do a double-screening!). As the credits start rolling, say you have an important announcement. Pop the question by referencing a character or scene in the movie. This is also perfect for a Virtual Hen Party!

Host a Virtual Game Night

Under the guise of a night of fun and games, invite your nearest and dearest online and let them know prizes await. Prepare wedding-themed categories for games like Charades or Pictionary. Towards the end of the night, when you’re about to announce your winners, hand out your “prizes” (aka bridesmaid proposal kits) to everyone. You can even say, “Everybody gets a prize because I’m hoping everyone will be on the same team: Team Bride!”

Say It With Balloons

Send a little box to each bridesmaid, each box with a small inflated balloon and a safety pin inside along with instructions to video call you when opening. When they pop the balloon, they’ll find a message that says, ‘Now it’s time for me to pop the question!’ You can even add confetti or glitter to the balloon for an added surprise.

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