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2022 Wedding Trends You’ll Love

The next 12 months will be defined by the last, and we will see the big trends appearing as a massive positive for anyone planning a 2022 wedding.

We’d all love to forget the last 24 months, but we’re sure they will always be remembered. Often when great tragedy strikes, lessons are learned, and we evolve to be better. So let’s not dwell on the negatives (which there have been many), and instead look to next year with positivity. And more specifically, what the 2022 wedding trends will be.

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How will the pandemic affect our approach to celebrations? Will it continue to affect it? And what trends will be born from it?

The Wedding Trends for 2022 Season

The Guest Experience

Until about 3/4 months ago, we’d all been starved of live entertainment. 2020/2021 was officially the year TV and… not much else. We were starved of the things that make us dance, cry, or interact with others within the real world. And this craving for the immersive experience is certainly something that will factor into 2022 wedding trends.

For instance, we’ll see alternatives to the average wedding reception performers. Forget magicians, think illusionists. Forget the classic wedding DJ, think live band and your favourite DJ! Maybe stand-up comedians could entertain your guests, while tarot readers predict their futures! The possibilities are endless, and we’re excited to see how creative couples will get!

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Informal, Relaxed & Intimate

Intimacy is one of the major trends for 2022. During our prolonged isolation, we have all learned much about ourselves, and those we are closest to. And what we’ve discovered is that our loved ones are really all that matters.

Those people that you missed the most but didn’t realise that you would, those mates you started calling everyday just to check in. Those people are the ones you want to celebrate your big day with, not some cousin you’ve never heard of!

Having a smaller guest list certainly has its benefits, predominately, your wedding budget will go much further. Which means you can provide a much more luxurious experience for your chosen few. An intimate wedding also allows you to not just be more lavish, but also spend time with your nearest and dearest. How many times have you been to a wedding and not been able to say more than two or three words to the happy couple? Reduce your guest size, and you’ll instantly have a lot more time for an intimate, shared experience.

Have a Wedding Wherever

Following on from our last point, a smaller guest size means you no longer need to marry in a traditional wedding venue. Meaning you can tie the knot wherever you wish. Plus, there were a lot of weddings cancelled in 2020/2021 due to the pandemic, which are now re-arranged for 2022/2023. This means if you want a weekend wedding, you’ve got stiff competition! However, if you plan to throw your wedding somewhere unusual, like a bowling alley, a boat, or maybe your favourite restaurant…? You’ll have much more choice, and you’ll create something pretty unique too.

Shop Local

One of the major positives that has arisen from the last 24 months, is our renewed appreciation for neighbours and community. Our local shops and small businesses have all been hit really hard during the pandemic. But thankfully, these once overlooked individuals are now favoured over the likes of Amazon or big brands. And we believe this is because the wider community has started to look inwards, and understand that these real people, need our support. This is also being reflected in the weddings trends of 2022.

For example, the friendly neighbourhood florist who hand-selected flowers to send to your mum on her birthday, is now being booked for your wedding. Or the local bridal and bridesmaids shops who worked tirelessly to make sure every bride can still arrange their big day — even during a worldwide pandemic!

These people are our heroes, and we need to shop local in solidarity, and support for each other. And sourcing as locally as possible will not only help our neighbours, but it will also reduce our carbon emissions too. A win-win for all of us.

A Thoughtful Thank you

Post-pandemic, we’re all so thankful to have weddings back, and even more fortunate to be able to really spend time with each other again. Because of this, we’re sure every wedding in 2022 and in the near future will have a much more profound meaning to it, an extra layer of gratification for the opportunity to celebrate with our loved ones.

This appreciated will be reflected in the wedding trends of 2022, and in how we show appreciation to our guests. Maybe a handwritten note could be placed on each place setting, or personalized wedding favours that go above and beyond the traditional could be made. Or even extra wedding support staff couple be brought in to look after childcare, so all those war torn lockdown parents can really let their hair down for the night.

If you’d like to see the biggest wedding trends for bridesmaids in 2022, feel free to check out our latest post here.

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