Discover All the Bridesmaid Duties You Need to Know

Being a bridesmaid is a fun and exciting job. If you’re lucky enough to be cast, find out exactly what bridesmaid duties are and what the role includes here…

Being a bridesmaid is an honour and an opportunity to make lifelong memories with your mates. Whether you are chosen by a BFF, sister, or relative, you are essential in forming a support network for the bride and helping her plan her big day. There’s more to bridesmaid duties than just looking stunning.

However, not all bridesmaid obligations are attractive, and bridesmaids are not actual servants. The bride can sometimes be forgotten. With this in mind, it’s best to be aware of all the important bridesmaid obligations you should not forget. We’ve also provided some top tips for being the best bridesmaids. Let’s do it…

Find Out All the Bridesmaid Duties You Should Expect

Go Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

You’ll need to go bridal shopping with the bride, which is probably the part you’re most excited for. What colour will your look be? What style will the bridesmaids wear? It’s so much fun!

The maid of honour’s role includes helping to arrange a day when everyone can get together to try dresses on. Try and be flexible, particularly when there’s a big group to organise.

Remember that it can be hard to dress and coordinate everyone at once, so if you have any concerns, address them calmly as soon as possible. Help the bride achieve her vision, and keep in mind that she always has the final word.

More importantly, you should make sure that you establish with the bride from the beginning who will pay for the gowns. Make sure you include any extras such as accessories, hair, and makeup, too.

Traditionally, the bride pays for what she wants the bridesmaids to have, but this isn’t always the case, so make sure everyone’s on the same page to avoid any awkwardness.

Wedding Planning

The bridesmaid can help the bride with different parts of the wedding planning. Depending on her individual skills and talents, she may be asked to help out with certain tasks.

If you’re good at crafts, the bridesmaids might ask you to help them with DIY wedding favors, whilst those with a talent for design might lend a hand with stationery. You may also be asked to sort RSVPs, categorize menu options or offer your opinions on wedding suppliers.

Be prepared to help with any wedding admin – and do so with a smile. It’s all part of the role of bridesmaid!

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Plan the Hen Party

The maid of honour is usually in charge of organizing the hen party, but you may be assigned other tasks to help her out. Prepare ideas to help the maid of honour plan the perfect day, and consider what task you can do to help with the hen do planning.

One bridesmaid could gather some hen party dares for everyone to try, while another could contact the groom to get the Mr and Mrs Quiz answers – every hen party needs this! Consider some bridal shower games to break the ice if there is a large group of bridesmaids and female friends of the bride. Another bridesmaid task could be to put together the hen party bags.

Get Ready with the Bride

If you aren’t already with the bride on the morning of the wedding, go over to her hotel and assist her in getting ready… and for those lovely getting-ready shots. While the maid of honour attends to the bride, the bridesmaids should be able to assist any younger bridesmaids and flower girls.

The bridesmaids travel to the wedding ceremony with the maid of honour and the bride’s mother, leaving the bride to travel with her father. The bridesmaids should arrive ten minutes before the bride so that they can see her arrive.

bride getting ready morning

Host & Help at the Reception

During the wedding reception, the bridesmaids should be available to assist – the bride may require makeup touch-ups or assistance going to the bathroom if she is wearing a particularly cumbersome gown. Prepare yourself!

Keep an eye out to make sure the bride has something to drink and has eaten as the evening progresses. It can be difficult for the newly-weds to find the time to grab a bite to eat, so any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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