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How to Write a Maid of Honour Speech

You organise her hen party, find her the perfect wedding dress and set up a hugely successful bridesmaids WhatsApp group. And now she wants you to deliver a speech?!

The maid of honour speech is a fairly modern tradition, but one we are so in favour of! Why should it just be the men who do all the toasting, we have plenty of people to thank and congratulate too! However, if your personality is on the shy side, the thought of delivering a maid of honour speech maybe one of the less exciting duties given to you. That’s fair. It’s a big moment, one that involves you standing up in front of a room full of people and, talking. That’s not easy! Especially when you’re expected to sum up how much you love your best mate, congratulate them and say thank you to everyone attending – all within 2-3 mins! Pressure!

But don’t worry, these days there’s no need to write your maid of honour speech alone. There’s a whole digital world out there ready and waiting to help you.

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The maid of honour speech should be a doddle if you’re comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, or passed your drama AS level with flying colours. However, even if giving the speech isn’t a concern for you, figuring out what to write a maid of honour toast about is. It’s a big occasion for both you and the bride, one that should be memorable for all the right reasons.

How to Write a Maid of Honour Speech

How to prepare the best maid of honour speech a bride has ever heard, and deal with your nerves? We’ve got you bridesmaids!

Begin Talking About Your Bride, and End By Speaking About the Couple

You are blessed with all the insight into how much your best mate’s spouse has transformed them for the better. So share that with the wedding guests.

Your maid of honour speech should begin by referencing the friend you knew long before they meet their soulmate. Before moving onto how their role has affected your lives, for the better. Perhaps your friend is funnier today, more adventurous, or simply just happy. Compliment the (always will be) new member of your friendship group, and share how their relationship has made them both better people.

Tell a Story, a Short One

Nothing proves a point better than a personal anecdote. When writing your maid of honour speech, try to think of certain times during your friendship that show just how amazing your bride is. And try to make it coherent within the whole of your speech.

By telling personal stories from your time together, you’ll avoid sharing tired clichés, and instead illustrate just how good a friend they actually are.

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Keep it Light

Don’t mention any exes (however amazing you thought they were), avoid personal tragedies, and try not to roast your friend. It can seem tempting to really use this opportunity to have a laugh at your mate’s expense, but this isn’t the time. Keep things positive, light and overwhelmingly loving!

And Short!

This is not a Shakespearean soliloquy, and right now, the world is not your stage. This is your maid of honour speech, and you need to fit your talking time in with everyone else’s. You’re one of many people giving a speech this afternoon, and you need to fit within the schedule.

If you’re comfortable with public speaking, then you’ll want to talk and talk. But your confidence in yourself doesn’t mean the gathered guests want to hear you. They’ll soon lose interest if each toast lasts longer than 5 minutes.

Aim for 3 minutes, that should allow enough time for laughter pauses and maybe the odd ad-lib.

Practice Your Maid of Honour Speech!

Don’t wing it, please. Practice your maid of honour speech in the weeks leading up to the wedding as many times as possible. Read it in front of the mirror, record yourself reciting it, and get your friends to listen to it.

There’s no need to know if off by heart, but you should feel comfortable just glancing at keywords or phrases on cue cards. The more you rehearse, the more likely you’ll nail every funny anecdote and encourage even more tears from your bride!

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