Your best girls are there for you through the ups and downs of wedding planning & beyond so treat them to one of these sweet bridesmaid gift ideas to show you love them.

If you’re looking bridesmaid gift ideas it means you want to show a little thank you to some of the most important, hard-working and special people attending your big day. For that we applaud you, because they are truly special! Ok, they have some quirks, they’re not always perfect, but they are in your girl gang because they mean something to you. So why not show them you care with these bridesmaid gift ideas.

The problem is these days is that there are so many amazing little gifts and thank you’s out there, it can be hard to pin down the perfect one, or five! There are plenty of pretty planners and organisers as well personalised keepsakes from the day, like engraved hangers and dressing gowns. Then there are all the little bridesmaid gift ideas for saying thank you for all the work they put in during your big day planning. Whichever avenue you decide to go down, there are tons of options out there, so we thought we’d make it easier and narrow it down to our top 8.

Keep scrolling and you’ll find the perfect bridesmaid gift ideas for your squad.

Personalised Wedding Day Clutch Bag

Personalised Wedding Day Clutch Bag

On the big day your bridesmaids are essentially your executive assistants, make-up artists and hairdressers. So give them the tools they need to perform. Laura is on hair, so she’ll be carrying a small comb and miniature hair sprays for minor adjustments. Sarah is on admin, and she’ll be packing her parker pen, notebook and timetable of events. Phoebe is simply a liability with her personal possessions, so we just need to hang her phone/keys/purse around her wrist. How ever you choose to use these stylish clutches they’ll be the ultimate bridesmaids accessory on the big day.


Monogrammed Pearl Bobby Pin Set for bridesmaids

Monogrammed Pearl Bobby Pin Set

Propose to your bridesmaids by treating them to an accessory they can wear on your wedding day – like this set of monogrammed pearl hair pins from Anthropologie. They’ll go with whichever wedding theme you’ve got in mind, and are the perfect keepsake. p.s they’re in the sale now for only £8! Snap them up!


Personalised Floral Mug for bridesmaids

Personalised Floral Mug

In the movies and magazines brides and their bridesmaids start their wedding morning knocking back multiple glasses of champagne, but in reality, you don’t want your first drink of the day to be fizzy wine! No, you need a cuppa! And this cup of tea or coffee can’t just be served in whatever mug you’ve lying round, it needs to be something special and personal. Pick out a mug that they’ll love on the big day. A mug that will hit their Instagram feed. A mug that will bring a smile to their face (hopefully!) forever more.


A Bridesmaids Pampering Session bridesmaid gift ideas

A Bridesmaids Pampering Session

We’re not going to lie to you, wedding planning can be stressful (especially right now). And your girls are going to be feeling that pressure too, either from you… or because they’re helping you put your dream day together. So why not say thank you to them for listening to your 3am crazy lady rants. Show gratitude for the hours they spent handwriting all the name cards and invites because your chicken scratchings on paper just aren’t legible. Be the best bride ever and organise a pampering session for you all once the wedding planning is over. This is one of our favourite bridesmaid gift ideas as they’ll love it, and they’ll be super relaxed afterwards and ready to take on all the new big day jobs they’ve got ahead!


A Photo Album of Memories for bridesmaids

A Photo Album of Memories

This heartfelt bridesmaid gift idea is guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings! Take a trip down memory lane and celebrate all the fun you’ve had together over the years with an album of photos from throughout your friendship. You’re sure to enjoy putting them together just as much as your bridesmaids will enjoy receiving it.


Personalised Bridesmaids Hanger bridesmaid gift ideas

Personalised Bridesmaids Hanger

This is a modern classic, for a reason. A personalised hanger is the perfect bridesmaid gift idea because not only is it a super sweet present on the day. It’s also a lovely memento forever more. Your girls will smile to themselves each and every time they reach for their favourite winter jacket, cherishing their special hanger and the memories it holds.


Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Set

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Set

The bridesmaids’ proposal is a very special moment for modern brides. It’s a pause in time that you get to fill with excitement and gratitude for your best girls. So make it pretty, fun and personal. We love this chic white gift box for example! A bridesmaid proposal gift that comes with a card for writing your proposal on, a planning notebook, a pen, a chocolate bar, some hair ties and a lapel pin. All the essentials and then some!


Thank you For Being My Bridesmaid Keyring

Thank you For Being My Bridesmaid Keyring

I don’t know about you, but our keys don’t say thanks. They’re just keys. Old keys for doors we don’t own anymore. Keys for places we can’t remember. Nothing special. But if we could receive thanks every time we reached for our keys to open Nabbd HQ, we’d be even happier ladies! This keyring is so cute and would make the perfect little bridesmaid gift to slip across the table during drinks, once all the dust has settled on your big day. Nothing flashy, just a subtle, classy and chic thank you from bride to bridesmaid.


We hope you loved this list of our favourite bridesmaid gift ideas, but for us the best gift you can give your girls is an amazing dress! So before you go off and order set of personalised hangers and matching clutch bags, go browse our bridesmaids dresses page and find a gown that your girls will love on the big day and beyond.

Polly & the girls xx

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