From the perfect best mate who’s always on point, to the crazy one who’s always out late. Here are the 12 types of bridesmaid you’re bound to come across!

Just like the bridesmaid dresses they wear, the types of bridesmaid come in all different shapes, sizes and with a whole range of personalities.

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When it comes to picking your bridal squad, it’s likely that your select group of very important girls will consist of a bunch of different personalities! Girls who you’ve known all your life as placid and calm can suddenly morph into total divas when faced with wedding preparation. Equally, the bridesmaids you thought would never be interested in bouquets could also become expert florists overnight!

No matter how many weddings you’ve been to or how many times you’ve been a part of the wedding party, you can start to notice that there are a few types of bridesmaid you’ll find at every single wedding celebration. From the single and ready to mingle bridesmaid to the one who always seems to be running late, here are the 12 types of bridesmaid you’ll find at every wedding. But which ones are in your squad?!

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The 12 Types of Bridesmaid

No wedding party would be complete without this band of special ladies.

The Organised Bridesmaid

From timelines and spreadsheets to checklists and group chats, the organised one is the type of bridesmaid always on hand to keep everyone in agreement and make sure everything is going to plan. She’s a great asset to have, especially when it comes to the wedding day itself – she’ll give your wedding co-ordinator a run for her money.

The Party Animal

This is the bridesmaid whose night is never over. She is the lovable crazy lady in your squad who can guarantee a hen party to remember, if you can! No relaxed spa day for her, she’s already got connections at the best bars in Ibiza, and she’s on first name terms with all the promoters. Look to her when you want the reception dance floor filled. Just make sure you have someone sensible keeping an eye on her…

The Control Freak

We all have that one friend who is a bit of a control freak, you don’t? It might be you… The control freak bridesmaid can come in handy if you’re a pretty laid-back bride and need someone to pick up the slack. But if you’re hands-on, just make sure to keep her busy and give her a responsibility – that way she’s satisfied that her job is done correctly.

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The Emotional One

From the very moment you gave her the news that you were engaged, she has been in floods. If you’re looking around your reception during your speech and can’t find anyone tearing up at the emotional bit, look to her, she’ll be sobbing on your Mum’s shoulder. She loves you and she just can’t control it, what a cutie.

The ‘Might-as-well-be’ My Sister, Bridesmaid

Whether you met at nursery or you held her hair back through years of university, this bridesmaid is the one who knows you the best. Her opinion is always priceless. If everything gets too much before, after or during your big day, this type of bridesmaid will make any stress disappear.

The Serial Bridesmaid

This girl is an expert, she’s been a bridesmaid more times than you’ve had wedding cake tastings, and she knows what’s what. She’ll make the perfect maid, using her vast experience to guide the other girls through the challenges ahead!

The Always Positive One

Too much positivity can be a little annoying sometimes (we are English after all!), but having a bridesmaid who is always happy about everything can really help to balance out any of the less enthusiastic members of your group. They’ll be sure to remind everyone just how special and fun it is to be a bridesmaid.

The Always Late Bridesmaid…

It doesn’t matter if it’s your ceremony rehearsal or that infamous first day at her new job, this bridesmaid always has an issue with turning up on time. But when she does show up, she brings the party, and she’s the most fun to be around. To solve the problem of lateness, just make sure you always give her a false start-time for bridesmaid duties, so when she turns up ‘late’, she’s actually on time. Pretty good right?! Again, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s probably you.

The Fresh-from-a-break-up Bridesmaid

We’ve all been there. It’s unfortunate, however, this bridesmaid has had her heart broken whilst you are planning your wedding. As hard as it sounds and as hard as it is, you can’t let that stop you from enjoying your big day. Her future loved-up self wouldn’t want that anyway. Just make sure the other bridesmaids keep her away from the single groomsmen!

The Fashionista Bridesmaid

Having a fashionista as one of your best girls is good because she knows what’s hot and what’s not, but that also means they may be a bit feisty when it comes to their outfit choice. Make sure she is heavily involved in your bridesmaid choices and remember these days it’s OK to mix and match, so let her choose a dress she loves! I mean, that’s guaranteed a Nabbd anyway but still!

The Selfie-Obsessed

In the middle of trying on your wedding dress ready to show to the girls, you’ll spot this type of bridesmaid with her phone out angling to get a selfie with you in the background! She can’t stop herself! But her (many) pictures will make for some amazing mementos & guaranteed love on Instagram.

The Creme-da-la-Creme of Bridesmaid

You’ll have to thank this type of bridesmaid so much when the wedding is over. When you need space, she gives you space, when you need help, she helps, when you need wine, she brings you wine – she just knows it all and does everything with a smile!

It takes all sorts to make a world, and it takes all types of bridesmaid to make a wedding! And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

When you’ve got your group of the best girls together, it’s time to book your bridesmaids appointment! Click here and grab your slot online.

Polly & the girls xx

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