Trying to put together a dream team of bridesmaids to stand by your side on your wedding day and make it extra special? Aside from being great friends, there are a few key characteristics you want your bridesmaids (and groomsmen) to have. We’ve listed them all here, so you can work out how many each bridesmaid has! In a fun way.

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How Many Perfect Bridesmaid Traits Can Your Best Mate Tick Off?

Here are some important characteristics to consider when selecting the best bridesmaids from your group of friends.

They’re Available

You can’t expect your bridesmaids to put their lives on hold to help with wedding planning, but you can expect them to be available for key tasks like dress shopping and fittings, hen party duties, and possibly venue viewings.

If they say they’ll be there, they should be the type of person who’ll show up on time.

They Get On With Your Other Half

Nothing beats a wedding where the best man is also close friends with the bride. The bridesmaid’s relationship with the groom is the same. You get a helper who can second-guess his opinions on everything, from your dress to your hair and make-up, if you choose a friend who knows you both really well. They’ll also be able to give a great speech about your relationship because they understand your unique dynamic.


You don’t want a Debbie Downer as a bridesmaid, but you also want to be surrounded by honest people. While optimism and encouragement are important in some aspects of wedding planning, you also need guys who’ll tell you the truth when it’s required.

For example, if your hair looks a little off, or out of place, your bridesmaids should tell you the truth, and not worry about your reaction.

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A Good Listener

Wedding preparation can be stressful, you need someone who can stay cool in the thick of the chaos. Be the bride’s confidante, let her vent if she needs to, speak about non-wedding topics when the time is right, and help her see the fun side of preparing if she’s starting to feel overwhelmed.

Someone With Confidence in Themselves

Your bridesmaid should assist you, not the other way around. Choose someone who is self-sufficient and self-assured enough in themselves to make decisions, offer ideas, and express themselves. You don’t want a bridesmaid who calls to double-check every detail, nor do you want one who just agrees with how ever many decisions you need to make.

Choose someone who exudes confidence, has an intellect you like, and a voice you can rely on.

A Bridesmaid Who Knows How Many Shots is Too Many

The perfect bridesmaid will be attentive enough to know if you’d dislike a particular style of hen, and tuned in enough to know exactly how many shots is enough on the night! They’ll be thoughtful enough to consider whether any of your party may have unique requirements, such as a pregnancy or physical restrictions, and will select something that everyone can appreciate.

They’ll know whether you need two hens parties. One for the party animals, and one for the older folks. And they’ll make the right decision on how much everything should cost. Finally, they’ll know you well enough to provide a wonderful night for all the right reasons.

You Love Them to Bits

Last but not least, you want bridesmaids who care about you, and you love them back. Your bridesmaids should be there to cheer you on and to encourage your relationship. If you have a feud or bad blood, remove that individual out of your wedding party. Furthermore, if a prospective bridesmaid does not support your marriage, they should probably not be seated near the altar.

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