The thought of bridesmaid dress shopping can cause instant anxiety for some girls. Learn how to reduce that stress and enjoy the experience with our expert tips.

If you’ve ever struggled with body issues or lacked confidence in your appearance, the invitation to go bridesmaids shopping may not be as exciting as it should be. If this is you, you are not alone. In 2011, Glamour magazine released a survey that showed 97 percent of women had at least one negative thought about their body during a single day. This is scary. For those of us who work in fashion, we feel it’s vital to celebrate the bodies of our clients, and encourage confidence. Because ultimately, we know that when bridesmaid dress shopping you’ll never find the style you’re looking for, if your self-image is not true or positive.

How to Stay Body Positive While Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Today we thought we’d share our tips on how to embrace your silhouette, remove your stress and learn to enjoy your bridesmaid dress shopping experience.

Start off Positive

If you already know that normal dress shopping makes you grumpy and negative, do your best to get your day off to a positive start when looking for bridesmaids. Do something that makes you feel good. Maybe sneak in a small workout to release some endorphins, and then eat a healthy breakfast to refuel your body. If that isn’t your thing, spend the morning going for a walk, chatting to mum or whatever will give you a morning smile.

Keep the positive momentum going by looking in the mirror and telling yourself three things you’re grateful for in life. While it may sound ridiculous, practising self-affirmations (positive statements about yourself) has been proven to boost feelings of self-worth and help people respond better to stressful events.

abby jenny yoo spring wedding guest dress Bridesmaid Dress Shopping
Abby from Jenny Yoo

What Do You Love About Your Body

Everyone has at least one bit on their body they like. Focus on that specific trait when bridesmaid dress shopping to avoid dwelling too much on things you dislike.

Look for the positive points wherever you can, and you’ll find it keeps your body positivity high.

Try and Suggest Styles that Flatter Everyone

We all have different body shapes, and our unique silhouettes deserve to be celebrated with the right dress. Do a little bridesmaid shopping research before you visit a shop, and learn what will work best for your body, and those of your fellow ‘maids. Then you might be able to steer the bride-to-be in the direction of certain styles that’ll flatter everyone.

For example, the A-line is considered a classic shape because it’s universally flattering on most body shapes. If the bride is open to this silhouette, or maybe an empire, suggest that she creates a unique look for her bridal party using bridal separates. That way each member of the group can dress themselves in the most flattering way, but remain cohesive as a group look.

Finally, don’t forget that the bride can always take advantage of the mix and match bridesmaid trend. This look is so popular because it allows bridesmaids to choose a unique style that flatters them.

jonie jumpsuit Bridesmaid Dress Shopping
Jonie jumpsuit from Jenny Yoo

Say How You Feel While Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

If the bride is polite and reasonable, she will want everyone to look and feel comfortable in their bridesmaid dresses. While you should still put your game face on and be open to trying on what she suggests for you, don’t be afraid to share how you feel.

If you don’t feel comfortable in a certain dress style, let her know when she asks for your thoughts. Speaking up could give another bridesmaid the courage to voice their concern too. As long as you’re careful to give constructive feedback, the bride will no doubt appreciate how you feel.

Be Yourself, Don’t Compare

Your body is no less or no more beautiful than anyone else’s.

It can be difficult to avoid negative comparisons when shopping as part of a group. But while you’re busy fretting over not having a tiny waist, the rest of the bridesmaids could be lusting after your amazing long legs!

By constantly comparing yourself to others, you’ll only be robbing yourself of the chance to celebrate your own unique beauty.

Resist Ordering a Smaller Dress Size

If you decide to order a dress that is one size too small because you swear that you’re going to lose weight by the time the wedding day arrives, you may regret it in the end.

Not only is this unrealistic, but it’s also an unhealthy way to lose weight. Besides, if you don’t meet your goal in time, you’ll be stuck with a bridesmaid dress that unwearable.

If you want to lose weight to be healthier, by all means—go for it! Just don’t let a friend’s wedding be your main source of motivation.

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