The truth is, it’s not as scary as you may think. In fact, coordinating your bridesmaids & groomsmen is pretty simply once you’ve mastered the basics.

On your wedding day, your bridal party will be right there with you all day long. So it’s only natural that you’d like to make sure their outfits coordinate perfectly. Coordinating bridesmaids and groomsmen is such a pivotal part of wedding styling, and might seem really tricky and confusing if it’s your first time.

Today, we thought we’d dispel a few myths, and share how to coordinate your bridesmaids and groomsmen, so your wedding party looks flawless and put together. It’s all about finding commonalities to make a seamless pair.

Hold tight because we have all the best tips and tricks to make sure you coordinate your bridal squad to Instagram-worthy perfection.

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Coordinating Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Effortlessly

Bringing together the two sides of a wedding party’s outfits is an easier task than you might initially think. Coordinating and matching bridesmaids and groomsmen is a great way to set the tone and personality of your wedding and to help reflect your style as a couple.

But first things first, it is entirely unrealistic to match your bridal party completely. With so many shades of colours available and all the different fabric types, there is no way you will get things to match perfectly. And that’s okay! Once we all have accepted that fact, it will be much easier choosing your bridal party’s outfits. 

Determine Your Wedding Colour Palette

The first step to coordinating your bridesmaids and groomsmen is picking out your wedding colours and overall theme. Your wedding colours are going to be used everywhere throughout the big day, so it’s essential you spend some time on this big, yet fun decision.

When deciding on your tones, remember that you’re not limited to two or three. It is common to have primary wedding colours and secondary ‘accent’ colours. This gives you endless possibilities for styling, and will let you be more creative with your choices.

Choose around 3-5 colours for your wedding palette, that then guarantees a group of colours the both of you will love. 

Pick Your Primary Wedding Colours

After you’ve identified your wedding palette colours, it’s time to pick 1-2 primary colours. These are the colours seen predominantly throughout your ceremony/reception and will help determine what colours you choose for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Consider what your primary colour would look like as a suit or a bridesmaid dress to make sure you really love it.

One of the most common ways to coordinate your bridesmaids and groomsmen is by using your primary colour for the bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen accessories.  These accessories can include the tie, pocket square, and even socks!

The goal is to make your primary wedding colours shape the overall aesthetic of your wedding. This process can (normally) be such a fun part of the wedding planning for you and your fiancé.

Decide On Your Bridesmaids’ Dress Colours

Use your chosen primary colours to determine what your girls will wear.  Often, couples choose to have their favourite wedding colour worn by the bridesmaids.  Remember – the colour your bridesmaids wear will be one of the most seen colours of the day! So it is important you like it.

For couples who want a more dynamic look, consider using some secondary colours in your bridesmaid dresses.  Traditionally brides opted for the same colour bridesmaid dresses, but many these days are considering the mismatched look.  Mixing and matching your bridesmaid dresses is a really chic and flattering way to make your bridesmaids feel extra special. And it’s a great way to incorporate more of your wedding colours. 

Still not sure if your wedding colours are bang on?  View some popular bridesmaid dress colours below to see if any inspire you!  From flirty pinks to deep emerald greens, we promise there’s a colour you’ll fall in love with!

Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Pink bridesmaid dresses are always in!  With a variety of gorgeous shades – from pale blush to deep rosewood – there is a hue for every season and theme.

Green Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Green is making waves for the 2021-2022 wedding seasons, and we couldn’t be happier about it!  With stunning shades like Sage Green for the spring, Sea Glass for summer, Moss Green for autumn, and Emerald for winter weddings – there’s a colour for every season!

Blue Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

When in doubt, blue always makes for a gorgeous wedding colour. Blue bridesmaid dresses are timeless, classy, and flattering.

Purple Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

For a more unique wedding colour palette, purple makes the perfect choice! Choose from an array of pale to deep purples, which look great in every season.

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