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The whirlwind excitement of getting engaged can make you eager to jump in, and propose to your bridesmaids straight away. But should you?

Even if you’ve been dreaming of your wedding day for many years. It’s more than likely that you haven’t put too much thought into how, or when, you’ll ask someone to be your bridesmaid. But now the time has come. And you may be keen to tell your closest mates straight away that they’re going to be in your wedding party. But you want to avoid rushing handing them an invitation, especially until you know more details about your big day. And, just as importantly, you’ve had time to think it through.

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Today, we explore the four things you should do before selecting your wedding squad. A when is the appropriate time to pop the question.

What to do Before Popping the Question to Your Bridesmaids

Do you know the actual wedding date yet?

Before you ask your prospective bridesmaid anything, be sure of exactly when you’re tying the knot. Knowing your wedding date will help your loved ones know whether they can commit to being your bridesmaid or not. The big day may come at a busy time for them, or it could clash with another event. Avoid any awkward or upsetting conversations further down the line, and know your date from the start.

Have a Proper Ponder

Choosing your bridesmaids should not be a quick decision. These guys will be your main support network while planning the big day (alongside your partner), and your team during celebrations. If your wedding is going to happen a year or two after your engagement, take the time to really think about the people in your life and who you want to be there for you during your wedding adventure.

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Decide on as Many Wedding Details as You Can

Before picking your bridesmaids, try to figure out the kind of bridal shower or hen party you want. Details like that might determine how big your bridal party should be. And it will allow you to ask your bridesmaids using information that will get them excited about the role and your wedding.

Give it 60 Days from the Moment they Proposed

In order to stop any rushed decisions, wait about 60 days until you pop the bridesmaid question to any of your friends. During that time, start planning how many bridesmaids you actually want, and think about the kind of gifts you might want to give them. The more time you have, the more thought you can put into a loving gift. And the more excited they’ll be to be your bridesmaid!

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