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Drawing up a shortlist for your bridesmaids can be a tricky task, so here’s some advice that will ensure you choose them wisely.

You’d think that to choose your bridesmaids would be easy, right? Not always… Some brides will find it an easy decision to make, but for others, it can be pretty tricky! After all, your bridesmaids play a huge role on your wedding day, so it’s important you choose the right girls. Don’t rush into anything just because you think it’s easy-peasy. These girls (and boys) are going to go through this momentous occasion with you, and you will have a front-row seat throughout proceedings.

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So how do you choose your bridesmaids? And how do you get past the tricky parts? Here are our tips to help you make the right decision!

1. Decide how many bridesmaids you want

Firstly, decide on the number of bridesmaids you want to choose. Whether it’s two bridesmaids or ten, the total should be reflective of your personal preference and what you feel is necessary for your big day.

2. Take Your Time

This is your decision. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed into anything, and don’t let people pressure your choices. If you keep getting asked about it, just tell people you haven’t made up your mind yet. And definitely don’t ask someone just because they’ve put you on the spot! If you make the right decision now, it’ll save you a lot of trouble further down the line. So be really sure before you make any sudden proposals.

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3. Friends Vs Family

If you have sisters that you’re close to, you’ve got a ready-made bridal party, and an easy decision to make. But sometimes you might prefer to ask your friends. Or, if you have a good relationship with your future sister-in-law or a friend on your partner’s side of the family, that can be a great choice too. Just don’t do it out of obligation!

When it comes to your friends, consider picking those you’ve had a long-term friendship with, rather than someone new on the scene. You may not see your childhood friends as much as you’d like, but when you do see each other it’s like nothing has ever changed, so give them some serious thought. On the flip side, if you have a childhood friend who doesn’t come close to the relationship you have with your more recent mates, then don’t feel you have to choose them. 

4. Ignore Politics

Stay true to what you believe in. You can’t please everyone and there may be some hurt feelings to deal with. But if you have a good reason for not asking someone, all you need to do is communicate that.

5. Brides-men/Female Groomsmen

You don’t have to stick to tradition. In fact, you might decide to have no bridesmaids at all! Or maybe you have a close male friend that you’d rather have by your side? Or why not just have flower girls? Do whatever is right for you. It’s your big day after all!

6. Choose Your Maid of Honour

Once you have settled on your squad, decide who will take the lead role as maid of honour. This might be an obvious decision for some, but for those who need a little more help, consider the responsibilities that come with the chief position (directing the bridesmaids, hosting the hen party, holding the bride’s bouquet and arranging her veil on the day etc). The MOH should be sensible, practical, organised… and know how to throw the best party ever!

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